Friday, March 24, 2017

New Years Eve

This year we decided to head to our rec center who was having a New Years Eve Bash.  We ate Cafe Rio for dinner and then headed over.  They had swimming for the first 2 hours and then they had a hypnotist, a clown, bounce houses and carnival games.  The beautiful thing about it was it totally entertained the kids and at 10:00 we celebrated New Years and then we went home and put the kids to bed.  After the kids were in bed we got together with some neighbors and celebrated and played games way too late.  Win win for everyone!
2016 was a year of some change with new baby and Kyle now commuting to Ephraim and me part time parenting 2 nights a week.  We're excited to see what 2017 has to offer us.

The Traeger

Costco is a scary place for Kyle and I to go together sometimes.  We went to a Costco that wasn't the normal one we go to a couple of weeks before Christmas.  While walking around I told Kyle that I was really struggling finding something to get him for Christmas and kept asking him what he wanted.  As we were walking he got a goofy smile on his face and told me he wanted a Traeger.  I didn't even know what that was.  As we walked a little further we ran into a salesman selling Traegers.  Kyle kept walking and I stopped to talk to the guy.  After about half an hour I broke and bought it for him for Christmas.  To say Kyle was excited is a huge understatement.  I told him he had to wait for Christmas to open the box and set it up.  Christmas morning came and he kept talking about how he really wanted to set it up.  Kyle PATIENTLY waited a day and a half to open it and when he finally had a chance he was on it.  He's really excited to use it and hopefully we will have some pretty amazing food this summer!

Christmas Day

After all the morning fun we got ourselves ready for church.  We sang Christmas songs and the bishopric bore testimony of Christ.  When we got home we were able to FaceTime with Grandpa and Grandma Liz in Africa.  We miss them so much and it definitely felt weird not to have them with us but they are doing such amazing things in Africa.  After naps and some more relaxing we went to be with the Liljenquist family for the rest of the day.

Christmas Card

Christmas Morning

Every Christmas just gets better and better with my kids.  The night before the kids decided to have a sleepover in Bode's room, which I'm hoping will be a tradition from here on out.  I loved checking on them on my way to bed and seeing them all in one room. We had a nice relaxing Christmas morning opening presents and spending time as a family.
I also loved that Christmas was on a Sunday this year.  Reminds us why we celebrate Christmas.